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We are calling for creative-critical works in any form which explore, unpick, celebrate or scrutinize what it means to be a woman, to be published in an unformed anthology of feminist feeling. This will be curated by Seam Editions and guest edited by Kim Lockwood.



SLANT is a forthcoming anthology of creative-critical work which explores, unpicks, celebrates or scrutinises what it means to be a woman. It is curated by Seam Editions and guest edited by Kim Lockwood.

There is a rich tradition of defining, conceptualising, mythologizing and metaphorizing womanhood in politics, philosophy, literature and art.

We believe these efforts often fail in their ambitions to capture and portray the complexities of “woman”, and that there is a vital need to expose these failures and interrogate their modes of operation.

Creative-critical work thoroughly complicates the borders between the formal and the informal, the seemingly objective and the fiercely subjective, the academic and the intimate

We believe that creative-criticism, in its acts of generic transgression and refusal of binaries and dualisms, is the ideal mode for new articulations and explorations of womanhood.


We are looking for creative-critical work which not only reclaims or reworks traditional allegories of woman-as-muse or woman-as-myth but pulls these metaphorical renderings apart and refuses to let female embodiment, feeling and actuality be made more palatable.

Crucially, we are calling for work which mobilises the possibilities of creative criticism: writing which adds flesh to the bones of woman-as-ideal, adds feeling to unfelt and underacknowledged experiences and experiments and innovates with form, style and content.


Slant will be an unformed anthology – a collection, but not bound in traditional book form – to allow for freer movement of the pieces, to let the reader re-order, shuffle and play around as part of their encounter with the works.

We want to let these pieces speak to the reader and each other in equal measure: to create a flowing and ongoing dialogue between writer, reader and text.

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