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The Seam Editions editors reflect on works of creative-criticism.

The Argonauts
Is this wandering from thought to thought, the way they connect and then refract each other, highly calculated cleverness, or giving in to reflex? Is this a reflection of the way thought jumps from point to point performed, or the actual, effortless slipping itself? And is one necessarily better than the other? It could very easily be both – in writing this essay I’m finding it quite easy to leap between the points that caught my attention, but finding and refining the deeper connections, now that takes thought.


Sara Taylor reviews The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson, published 2016 by Melville House.

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Sara Taylor
The Power
...this book really shouldn’t be necessary. We know about sexism. We know about rape culture. We know about the pay gap, about FGM, about sex slaves, about women not being allowed to drive about dead uninvestigated prostitutes about the domestic violence statistics about the fear the fear the fear the fear we know we know we know we know...


Sara Helen Binney reviews The Power by Naomi Alderman, published 2016 by Viking.

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S H Binney